Sagnew Forte cap



This is a very modern combination that includes rose hip extract , the rich source of vitamin c, vitamin A and Vitamin E with all essential minerals and flavinoids, it has encouraging efficacy to reduce the painful condition of arthitic imflammatory symptoms. The collagen peptides with condroitin and glucosamine promotes regeneration of joint cartilage, and unique value addition of hyaluronic acid helps lubricate the joints.
Ideal for elderly or arthitic osteoporotic patients. Generally once daily dose or as directed by the doctors


Pregnancy –

1000mg Of Calcium Per Day Is Crucial To Meet The Increased Need Of The Mother & Fetus

Lactation –

Most Pregnant Mother Talking Clasiam Less tHEN RDA , Lost 10% Of Calcium After Sixteen Weeks Of Breast  Feeding

Pre & Post menopausal syndrome –

Calsium Supplementation In Postmenopausal Woman to Reduce The Risk Of Osteoporotic Fractures .


Sagnew Forte cap


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